In order to file documents electronically with the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court, a filer must complete training and be registered with the court. Once training and the Registration Form and User Agreement are complete, an account will be assigned. To file Personal Financial Management Certificates with the court, click here to be directed to the Limited Filer Home Page.

e-Filer Information

Firm Information

  An attorney admitted to the bar of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California and currently in good standing.

  An attorney who has applied for admission to the Eastern District of California but has not yet been admitted.

  An attorney admitted to practice pro hac vice before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California in the following bankruptcy case(s) and/or proceedings:

  An attorney exempt from admission to the bar of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California. Basis for exemption:

  A U.S. Trustee or an Assistant U.S. Trustee.

  A bankruptcy trustee

  A claims agent or creditor. Name(s) of the firm(s) or creditor entity(ies) on whose behalf the applicant employee or agent is to be issued a username and password and authorized to file proofs of claim, notice requests, and/or transfers of claims:

  A bankruptcy auditor.

  A court reporter.

  A Personal Financial Mangement Course Provider
Training Requirements
The eFiling website is unique and different than filing in CM/ECF. To satisfy the training requirements and obtain a login and password, you must complete the training provided by the court. To view the electronic training module, click here
Notice of Electronic Filing Preference

I request the court send me: ***

A separate Notice of Electronic Filing for each electronically filed document.

A single, daily message containing the Notices of Electronic Filing for the electronically filed documents available on the Internet that day.
email Address(es) for Court Notices of Electronic Filing
Primary Email – A Primary email address will be used by the Court to send Notice of Electronic Filing emails. Pursuant to F.R.B.P. 9036, this email address will be used by the court and other parties that filed documents with the court to serve or provide notice. You must designate only one Primary email address.
Secondary Email – Secondary email addresses are other email addresses not designated as Primary or eService. Secondary email addresses will not appear on the public docket and will be used for Notice of Electronic Filing emails sent by the Court.

You may specify two additional email addresses to which the court should send Notices of Electronic Filing.

By submitting this Electronic Filing System Registration Form and User Agreement, I agree to the following:

a. If I am an attorney or trustee, I understand that I am a registered user. A registered user is defined as any attorney or trustee who appears in a case and files pleadings in that case in the Eastern District of California with the court’s electronic filing system.

b. I understand that the electronic filing system is for use only as permitted by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California.

c. I will satisfy all hardware/software requirements prior to my use of the electronic filing system.

d. I agree to adhere to all technical and procedural requirements for use of the electronic filing system.

e. If I am an attorney or trustee, I understand that I am consenting to receiving electronic notice and service from the court as a registered user, pursuant to F.R.B.P. 9036.

f. I understand that the provisions of Local Bankruptcy Rules 5005-1 (Electronic Record Files of the Court), 5005.5-1 (Eligibility and Registration for Electronic Filing; Use of Passwords), 7005-1 (Service by Electronic Means), and 9004-1 (General Requirements of Form), and any changes or additions thereto, are incorporated by reference into this agreement and I agree to abide by them. I further understand that it is my responsibility to learn and follow all current electronic filing procedures and updates as they relate to the documents submitted by me.

g. I agree to prepare all documents in strict compliance with all federal and local rules.

h. I shall protect the security and confidentiality of my username and password and prevent their disclosure to any person other than my authorized agent(s).

i. I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain a valid primary email account and will use the court’s web site to immediately update my email address for court Notices of Electronic Filing whenever my email address changes.

j. I agree to pay fees for electronically filed documents through the U.S. Treasury Internet credit card program (, in accordance with procedures established by the Clerk.

k. I understand that according to Judicial Conference policy, fees for filing documents are due at the time documents are filed. I agree to pay all fees for electronically filed documents prior to completing the eFiling session in which they are incurred, and to settle my account for any outstanding fees the same day the documents are eFiled. I understand that if fees are not timely paid, my eFiling account may be disabled and/or other appropriate action may be taken to impose sanctions, strike the document(s), and/or dismiss the case.

l. The information provided on this form will be secured and kept in the Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office database and will remain in effect until updated by me using the court’s web site or expressly revoked by me via email to .

m. I understand that my eligibility to use the electronic filing system may be restricted or revoked if I knowingly permit my password to be used by anyone who is not authorized to use the password, or fail to comply with any of my other obligations as set forth in this user agreement.

n. n) I, or an authorized agent, agree to satisfy the training requirements prior to use of the electronic filing system.

o. The information provided by me on this eFiling Registration Form and User Agreement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

p. I understand that I am limited to one eFiling account, that if I am an attorney, my account will move with me if I switch firms, and it is my responsibility to maintain my address, phone number, and email information through the eFiling system.

I agree to the above-stated Terms of Use.